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Adapted transfer for cyclists

One of our most loyal sectors is cycling. Cyclists from all over the world, especially from central and northern Europe, come to Spain to cycle on its roads in the winter months. A period of the year that is too cold for them if they want to cycle in their countries of origin. That is why transfers for cyclists in Alicante are so frequent, becoming an essential part of our daily work.


And it is especially the Spanish Levante region that is the focus of most of these European cyclists, with Alicante and its roads, coastline and inland routes standing out. And how could they not? Benidorm, Altea, Calpe, etc. So, if you are interested in cycling in Benidorm or the surrounding roads, we can take you from Alicante airport to your hotel or flat in Benidorm, or anywhere in the province (or from another airport to the booked destination where you are going to stay during your holiday. In fact, we work with different groups of bike friendly hotels and flats in Alicante that constitute real specialised accommodation for cyclists in Altea, El Albir, Benidorm, Calpe, Moraira, etc.

That’s why we put our vehicles at your disposal, offering transfers for cyclists in Alicante, tailor-made for you. You will have enough space to load all your sports equipment and your bicycles in our spacious boots, and you can choose between our different cars depending on the size of your sports equipment, or if you are coming in a group or not.

Transfer4U: Transfers for cyclists in groups

If you are going to do cycling tourism in Alicante and you come in a group, you have at your disposal and your companions, the most suitable vehicles to carry out your transfer from Alicante airport, from Alicante RENFE station or from Alicante bus station to your place of accommodation.

In addition to our private taxis, we have at your disposal our 7-seater Private Minivan, our 8-seater VIP Service Minivan, and for larger cycling groups in Alicante, the Transfer4U minibus, suitable for groups of up to 15 people.

Whatever your preferences are, our vehicles will be waiting for you at the airport so that you will arrive at your accommodation in a very short period of time in a fast, safe and comfortable way. Hire or enquire about our airport transfer service with bikes.

Bike Friendly accommodation in Alicante

Because we know how important it is for you to choose the right accommodation for cyclists in Alicante, we work not only with the most suitable establishments, but also with hotels and flats with the Bike Friendly seal. Therefore, if you are not sure about your choice, we can help you find the perfect place for you.

In fact, all the Bike Friendly flats and hotels are equipped with all the facilities and services, always designed for the comfort of the cyclist, both amateur and professional. For example, the Mimar Gestión Hotelera group, with its headquarters in Playa de El Albir, has, like all Bike Friendly accommodation in Alicante or in any other city, a large workshop space for the optimal preparation of bicycles, as well as a storage area for them, and professional advice from our staff, which will be very useful when it comes to choosing between the many cycling routes in Altea and Al Albir, very popular with our customers, as they cover the best routes on the most suitable roads along the coast and inland Alicante.

Cycling Routes in Benidorm

In Benidorm you have an infinite number of routes to cycle along the best roads along the coast, inland and surrounding areas. Even so, we are going to recommend you the most popular ones, as well as the most popular with our clients. These cycling routes in Benidorm are real quality itineraries with different levels of difficulty. If you are one of the cyclists planning to travel with your bike in the Benidorm area, remember that you can hire our Alicante Benidorm airport transfer service so that you can travel with your bikes comfortably.

Benidorm-Alcoy inland route: this is one of the best cycling routes in Benidorm. A route that starts in the small European city of skyscrapers par excellence, to go through the well-known Port de Tudons to Alcoy, and then starts its descent passing through the town of Confrides, and the beautiful Castell de Guadalest in Alicante. This is one of the toughest cycling routes in Alicante, due to its constant slopes over a distance of 121 kilometres.

Benidorm-Calpe combined route: even tougher than the previous one, although with a practically identical distance, it would start from Benidorm to ascend through Callosa d’En Sarrià and Tárbena to continue through Antenes Rates, the paradisiacal inland town of Jalón, descending to Calpe. From there the most pleasant part of this Alicante cycling route will take place on the coastal part of the national road, passing through Altea and Alfaz del Pi until it reaches Benidorm.

Benidorm-Relleu combined route: in this case we are facing a route of little difficulty that starts in Benidorm to cover about 25 kilometres to Campello, from where it will begin its brief ascent to the inland town of Relleu. From there it will start the downhill phase to Benidorm, passing through Orcheta and Villajoyosa. The total distance of this route is 78 kilometres.

Combined route Benidorm-Tárbena-Benissa: this pleasant and moderate cycling route in Alicante with starting point in Benidorm, would proceed with a direct ascent to Tárbena, to then begin its descent to Benissa, and continue its coastal route through Calpe, Altea and Alfaz del Pi to Benidorm. This 82-kilometre route is very refreshing due to the beauty of its landscapes, and is suitable for all ages.

Marina Baixa Alicante Cycle Route: 61 kilometres of moderate route starting in Benidorm, and continuing the route through the interior of Alfaz del Pi, ascending through La Nucía, Callosa d’En Sarrià, Guadalest and Polop, to continue its descent through the town centre of La Nucía until it reaches Benidorm.

Marina Baixa Circular Route: considerably longer and more complicated than the previous one, the circular cycling route in Alicante starts in the capital of the Costa Blanca, and continues its ascent through La Nucía, Polop, and Cofrides until it reaches Relleu. Then it starts descending through Sella and reaches the coast at Villajoyosa. From there the route is 10 kilometres along the coast to Benidorm. The total length of the route is 105 kilometres.

Basic Cycling Route in the Marina Baixa: it is only 30 kilometres of moderate road that starts in Benidorm and goes all the way to Villajoyosa. Then through Finestrat via a gentle ascent, before descending again on the way back to Benidorm. Possibly the most popular cycling route in Benidorm.