It’s a fact that raveling with your family is one of your greatest pleasures in this world. But you can only do it on rare occasions, and 0the ideal is that you live it in the most comfortable, safe and direct way possible. This is how you will start your vacation. A journey where you’ll get relax and rest in the undoubtedly, must begin in the best possible way.


To enjoy your ideal family transfer in Alicante (or from the airport where you need us from), Transfer4U offers you different options depending on the number of members.

We adapt to your needs: private minivan transfer

Adapted Transfers Benidorm

In Transfer 4U we adapt to you, to your preferences, and the most important, without pretending that it is you who fits our vehicles or our way of working (which would be traditional in the transport sector). That is why we have the best to offer, based on your personal needs, your work, and also your family.

So you can travel with us without space problems: whether or not you are a large family, we put at your disposal our 7 seater minivan. It is a large and comfortable vehicle in which everyone will travel with the greatest comfort, and in which you will also have plenty of space for all your luggage, even in the case of XL-sized suitcases.

If in your case we talk about a transfer in Alicante for large families, the private transfer of 7 seats of Transfer4U is ideal: you will be traveling with maximum amplitude, and also with great comfort or style.



Transfer in Alicante with VIP service

Traslados para familias numerosas

In all cases, we talk about high-end cars that offer a 100% personalized VIP service for you.
For this type of transfers, we would put at your disposal a Ford Tourneo Minivan or similar, which would prolong your first class flight service so that your maximum comfort would continue until the moment you arrive at your destination. They also have some other added values ​​such as a free Wi-Fi connection (on request), plugs to charge any of your mobile devices, etc.As in the previous cases, we would also have available in our VIP transfer service, the child chair and/or transfer with baby chairs totally free (also on request).

Transfer from the airport by Private Taxi

Although it is also an appropriate option if you are few in the family, our private taxi transfer is more used by people traveling alone, or small single-parent families or couples without children. An ideal transfer service for up to 4 people, in which you will also be traveling comfortably to your accommodation destination.

These vehicles (Skoda, Toyota or similar) are 5 doors in all cases, and have all the technologies that guarantee maximum comfort and the most extreme road safety.


Safety is the most importanr: safe and fast transfers

Because the most important thing is that you travel with the utmost safety, our drivers are in all cases, experienced professionals who have the necessary training to put you in their hands, and who always work in full respect of the required safety regulations.

Of course, at Transfer4U we work with an insurance company that offers us maximum coverage in all the services we perform daily.



Where will the driver wait for you?


If you travel by plane, train or bus, whenever you arrive you will find our driver at the arrivals hall or at the pick-up address you indicate.

Remember! If you are traveling with your family, count on us …