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Enjoy the popular San Silvestre Race in Benidorm this Christmas

Christmas Benidorm 2019 is very near, and in our previous publication we gave you plenty of reasons to convince you that it is really authentic. But we could not conceive it without a new Race of San Silvestre Benidorm 2019. An event organized by the Brotons Group (Grupo Brotons), and in which participants of higher and lower level will meet to spend a sporting day always symbolic on these dates, in addition to fun. And it is that the San Silvestre race in Benidorm has more popularity every year, in addition to some fun participants who are the true essence of the event.

For some people it is another race in their annual agenda, for others it is a way to say goodbye to the year a few hours after taking the popular Spanish lucky Grapes in New Year’s Eve, although there are those who conceive the San Silvestre race in Benidorm as a symbolic event that is part of the Christmas calendar.

Whatever your case, the participation of the public in the San Silvestre race in Benidorm is every year greater because of the expectation that this magical event has behind it.

You can run with the usual sports attire, in disguise, with or without a dog. It can even be done without competing. That is why it is always a Christmas meeting point among a wide community of people whose common goal is to play sports and have fun.

When will the San Silvestre de Benidorm Race 2019 celebrated?

This year, the San Silvestre race arrives in Benidorm next Sunday, December 29. The place, like every year, will be that point of confluence between the Europa Avenue and the Mediterráneo Avenue.

There will start a 4 kilometer timed competition course that you can access once you have collected the bibs. To do this, you must be aware because they will begin to distribute approximately 30 minutes from the start of the race. Do not forget your ID or corresponding documentation, or the authorization signed by your parents or guardians if you are under 18.

The route of the San Silvestre Race in Benidorm

The route of the San Silvestre Race in Benidorm 2019 does not suffer variations compared to previous years, starting with the Paseo de Levante, to continue turning along the Avenida de Alcoy and continue along the Mediterráneo Av. in the opposite direction to the historic center of Benidorm. A few meters away, and at the same starting point of the San Silvestre Benidorm 2019 Race, our participants will reach their goal.

The San Silvestre race in Benidorm for children

The smallest of the house will also have their chance for this San Silvestre Benidorm 2019, and for this they will have to pick up their corresponding bibs at the place of departure between 9 and 11.30 a.m. The children’s races will begin at 12 noon, and in it they can participate, from the most babies accompanied by their parents, to children with an age not exceeding 13 years.

At 12.30 the awards ceremony of the 2019 San Silvestre Benidorm Children’s Race will be held.

San Silvestre Benidorm 2019 Race Categories

You have two forms to participate in the San Silvestre Benidorm 2019 Race: one of them is the competition itself, which will be a timed march in which people of all ages can participate; and the family variety, which consists of a smaller and timed circuit, specifically 2 kilometers, and in which it is more common to see older people, children and participants accompanied by their pets.

Pets and Costumes in the San Silvestre Race 2019

Independently of the variety of career you choose for the race, you will always have the opportunity to use your costume and have fun in the company of friends and other participants. Always also with the option of doing the San Silvestre dog race, you can apply for the pet prize in the San Silvestre Benidorm race.

Do not forget that you have your appointment with the 2019 San Silvestre Benidorm Race next Sunday, December 29.

We’ll be waiting for you…

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