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The holidays start. Fantastic plans, places to visit, hundreds of options to choose from.

If there is something non-negotiable, it is that your pet will come with you. It’s far more than a pet, it is part of your family.

Luckily, there are more and more Pet Friendly accommodations.

Beaches and parks to run in and activities to enjoy with your pet.
We know how important these four-legged friends are in our lives. That is why we make sure that their trip is as comfortable as yours.

They will travel in the same passenger cabin as you, with all the necessary security measures. In a carrier, comfortable and quiet. No closed boots.
Once you land, the journey to your accommodation will be like a relaxing stroll.

Travelling the world with your pet

In reality, the concept of Pet Friendly, is more than just a term that is fashionable, especially in recent years. And the fact is that more and more entities are encouraging us to make vacations much more pleasant for our travelers.

Also, it is clear that a vacation without your dog, your cat (whatever your animal companion), would not be a real vacation.

We give you the best deal when making a transfer, just put in comments how many pets you bring to the trip and if it travels in the hold or in the cabin.

This is why we give you the best deal when making a transfer, you just have to put in observations how many pets you will bring to the trip and if traveling in the hold or in the cabin.

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